What to expect before and after a nose job

What to expect before and after a nose job

What to expect before and after a nose job. Reasons. Tips to speed up your rhinoplasty recovery.

Rhinoplasty widely known as “nose job” is a procedure that reshapes the nose. There’s various reasons on why a person would like to get a nose job done, for example for aesthetic reasons, low-self esteem due to an “imperfect” nose (all noses are perfect after all!) or having overall trouble breathing that affects sleeping or the ability to exercise. A rhinoplasty can fix any if not all of the problems said before. As many of the people interested in having a nose job, it’s very obvious that the before is not nearly as problematic as the after; the recovery of this surgery is widely known to be too much work but you don’t have to worry, the results are totally worth it.

Before A Nose Job

  • discuss any concern, doubt or question you may have about your procedure with your surgeon. Have a clear view of what your surgeon is capable of doing since they are not wizards to fix your nose with a simple “bippity boppity boo!” there’s a lot more that goes into the procedure.
  • Be sure that your surgeon is a board certified surgeon, or in the american society of surgeons This will ensure you are with high end surgeons that will not botch your surgery and will take care of you with all their might.
  • Books days off work, the recovery is indeed intense so you may not be able to do work at all. The recovery time is for you to take a break
  • Don’t wear any cosmetics or makeup the day before your surgery, your surgeon will tell you what skincare products to avoid if you use them since they can complicate the process.
  • Completely avoid smoking and the consumption of alcohol, smoking can interfere with the anesthesia and make your procedure impossible.
  • Arrange babysitters and dogsitters, due to your recovery it will be hard to take care of your children and pets all by yourself so try to get some aid with that.
  • Avoid the consumption of aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding.

The pre-op preparation for a nose job is like most preparations for other plastic surgery, aside those that have to do about further planning, since a lot of recoveries are just a fraction of what nose job recoveries are. We encourage a consultation with a highly skilled surgeon if you’re still wondering whether to get a rhinoplasty or not, try not to focus too much on the recovery. That being said you can’t go in blind not knowing the attention and care your body needs to have. So we’ll follow with the after of having the nose job procedure done to you; these can change, or be invalid depending on your own situation but worry not since the surgeon will let you know if there are any special instructions.

After a Nose Job

  • You might feel discomfort on your face but refrain from using any medication to treat it unless your doctor has prescribed you some.
  • Avoid strenuous activities, such as swimming, jogging and aerobics for a few weeks. This will avoid the possibility of complications in your
  • While you have bandages avoid taking showers since the water can mess up your bandaging. Instead take baths where you have a little more control over the water.
  • Completely avoid blowing your nose
  • Maintain a high nutritious diet, especially abundant in high-fiber foods to avoid any constipation since it can cause strain and pressure on the surgery point. Lower Sodium ingest for a little while since the swollen areas may get worse or stay swollen for an extended amount of time
  • Avoid extreme facial expressions such as smiling and laughing.
  • Be sure to brush your teeth gently, specially on the upper row front teeth since its where your top lip is and it’s almost connected to your nose.
  • Wear clothing that isn’t worn by pulling it over your head instead wear clothing where you zip or button from the front to avoid any pulling or rough contact with your nose.
  • Avoid eye glasses or sunglasses for the next 4-5 weeks, use cheek rests or tape them to your forehead if you absolutely need them but avoid putting any pressure on your nose.
  • Use sunscreen of at least SPF 30, exposing yourself to the sun in that state may cause varied pigmentation that tends to be permanent.
  • You may put cold objects on your cheeks or under your eyes but avoid your nose completely.

After reading all of these we want you to know there is hope and we even can give you a few tips to speed up this tedious recovery process!

  • We recommend the use of the cold compress in the areas stated before (below the eyes and cheeks), avoiding the surgery site.
  • Go for light walks (remember no jogging since it can mess up your nose)
  • Take it easy, this is a recovery where you need to take a break from all of your responsibilities as an adult. We know that it may be hard sometimes and you have done your hardest so taking a break will benefit you a lot more than you think.
  • Obey your doctor about any additional post-op instructions.
  • Avoid food with too much spice or rather spicy foods.
  • Be patient, the recovery process may be long but don’t let your motivations wither, the results are all worth it, you deserve those results so don’t try to rush your recovery.


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