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Bladder Suspension in Tijuana Mexico

A Bladder Suspension is a procedure that helps place a sagging bladder back into its normal position. It can be used to treat urine leakage that occurs when a person sneezes, laughs, or coughs. Childbirth is usually one of the reasons of this, which causes a woman to lose muscle tone along the pelvic area, and is why incontinence occurs. If need be, seek a second opinion, make sure you have a correct diagnose. Surgery doesn’t cure all urinary incontinence. For example, if you have a combination of stress incontinence and overactive bladder surgery may improve your stress incontinence but not your overactive bladder. Medication and physical therapy might be needed after surgery to treat overactive bladder.


  • Surgery is done under general anesthesia and requires a hospital stay.

  • The surgery itself takes about one hour.

  • Discomfort can last 6-8 weeks.

  • A catheter is usually left for 5-7 days.


Once you leave the hospital after the bladder suspension in Tijuana, you will need several weeks of recovery. This recovery time allows your body to heal from the surgery. You may be able to perform light activities during this time. You should be able to resume normal activities in four to six weeks, but you will need your Doctors authorization beforehand.

You will need to maintain constant care for your new urine removal structure. However, after a period of time, you will likely feel comfortable both with emptying your pouch or bag and urinating normally. It will take some time, but you’ll soon be accustomed to this new normal and find ways to make it fit into your life seamlessly.

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