Best Back Lift surgery in Tijuana Mexico

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Also known as Upper Body Lift is a type of cosmetic surgery that helps remove sagging from the upper back. The sagging most typically affects the area of the back directly above or below a woman’s “bra line”. A common issue associated with aging and also weight loss, most patients after having weight loss surgery need this procedure. Unfortunately, it is not something that can be fixed with Liposuction or exercise the skin removal is necessary to have the desired results.


  • Back Lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure.

  • The surgery typically takes about 1 -2 hours.

  • From a standing position, the patient is marked with a pre-surgical outline that helps guide the doctor’s incisions during the procedure.

  • Horizontal cuts are created in the skin and span the width of the back. Then, extra skin is cut away so the two sides can be sewn together, eliminating back rolls.

  • Excess skin is removed via the incisions, and the underlying tissue is recontoured. The remaining skin is pulled to tighten it, and then the incisions are closed up.

  • In select cases, liposuction may also be performed while the doctor has access to underlying tissues.

  • At the conclusion of the surgery, the incisions will be closed with dissolvable sutures.


Patients are up and walking within a few hours after surgery, though they are asked to reduce activity for 4 to 6 weeks. Following this time, you can increase activity levels if you are not feeling excessive tightness or discomfort until Dr. Luis Suarez gives you the go-ahead.

As with many body procedures, swelling, numbness, and bruising may occur but should resolve once the area heals. You will be given a compression garment that should be on for a period of 3 weeks, until most of the swelling has subsided.

There will also be bruising and swelling, which should go away in several weeks after your upper body lift. Sutures that are used are absorbable and do not require removal.

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