Plastic Surgery Post Op: What can I do?

Plastic surgery postop - what can I do

After surgery there are certain limitation that have to abide, in order to have a successful outcome. The primary indications you have to follow is no strenuous work such as cleaning, cooking, picking up heavy objects, driving, or anything to that effect. Not doing this will ensure that you won’t prolonge your recovery process or affect your outcome.

It’s not to say you can’t move at all, this is key, overdoing it can also be counterproductive, you do have to move (walk around a little) It may seem like a simple thing, but walking every hour or two can help prevent complications like deep vein thrombosis, since you helping there be blood flow. It can also help prevent one very common and annoying side effect from the anesthesia, like constipation. Walking is a gentle way to return to physical activity and can help promote a return to regular activities, however, be mindful and don’t over do it, just a little around your room, no walking up and down stairs.

Aside from the little walking around you can do, primarily for the first 2 weeks, you should be resting, I know it can get annoying and boring, since you are used to doing much more, but, getting a new hobby, once that requires no effort, audiobooks, a good show, listening to music, making a journal, etc., to keep you entertained.

Another important thing is maintaining a good a diet, filled with fruits and vegetables, as well as vitamin c, folic acid, & iron.  

  • Protein – Protein is essential to wound healing, get plenty of foods such as lean meats, eggs, chicken.
  • Vitamin C –Vitamin C and zinc can help with healing, so eat the recommended amount of fruit each day, green bell peppers also have a lot of vitamin c.
  • B12, Iron and Folic Acid – Incorporate these in your diet to keep you healthy and strong.
  • Fiber and probiotics – These help your immune system and keeps your digestive system going.

When you need help, ask for it, don’t feel bad for needing it or feeling like you’re a burden, you are not, that is why a good support system is key, this will avoid you getting hurt trying to do something like getting up off the bed, taking a shower, getting a meal.

Stay away from smokers, second hand smoke can affect your healing process; if you smoke you would have to have stopped 1 month before surgery, and will have to continue on out, preferably not do it anymore, but, if had to say a specific time, it would have to be for 3 months.  

The combination of all these indications will help you have a smooth, and successful recovery and outcome.

Plastic Surgery is a life-changing choice, making the decision is the first step. We would be honored to be the ones to help you through this journey. We are here to answer all of your questions.

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