All you need to know about a Rhinoplasty

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There are things you don’t know about a Rhinoplasty, maybe because you don’t know anybody who has one done, or you only have the basic information, or, you may be embarrassed to say you want one, whatever the case is, one thing’s for sure you can never get enough information on getting surgery.


You will need to ask for time off from your activites, let me be school or work, 2 weeks off is good since there will be swelling and bruising.


With Rhinoplasty there is swelling bruising, it is different for each patient, some people swell more or less than other, it depends on how your body reacts. The bruising will be around the eye area, as well as the swelling, there is a peek, and it usually is on the 3rd day post op, but by the 7th day, it will way down, with minimal discoloration from the bruises.


The first week is the toughest week, you will have cotton plugs, those will be taken out by the 3rd or 7th day depending on what the Doctor recommend, but for those days you have them on you will have to breathe through your mouth, which can be pretty uncomfortable. You’ll  also have on a splint, that comes off after 7 days, in your post-op follow up. After the cast and plugs come off it gets much easier.


Be prepared to feel some discomfort and perhaps pain, which is very rare, more than anything it’s uncomfortable. Some bleeding from the nostrils is also expected to happen within the first several days after the procedure which is completely normal, it stops after the first 5 days.


Within the first 3-4 weeks avoid work outs; you are still in the healing process, and doing any type of exercise can cause your recovery process to be delayed. You expose yourself to getting injured, only until your Doctor tells you you’re discharged completely, then you may, not sooner.


The Doctor will remove your splint, also if you’ve had an Open Rhinoplasty stitches would need to be removed, those would also come off in this visit. Once the splint has been taken off and everything is good, the Doctor will place some micropore tape which will remain on for a week. In this visit, make sure to ask your Doctor any and all questions you have, about any sensation you’ve had.


You will need patience throughout this whole process, you will get an idea of what your final results will be like within the first few weeks, but, it can take from 6 months to a year for your nose to look as normal as you would like it to be. There might be some numbness, sometimes even blemishes, the tip of the nose will be swollen, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get the results you want, but the final outcome will take almost 12 months due to internal healing.


Make sure you have a qualified surgeon, that has all his or her credentials; also make sure you feel comfortable with the Doctor you choose, that he understands what you are looking for and is an honest ethical Doctor.


You will have to fill out a Virtual Consultation, in which we ask you a few questions to be able to know whether or not you are eligible, this paired with pictures we also request to know what specific procedures you’d be a candidate for. Once we have all this information we would be able to send you your personalized quote.

If you want more information on how to reach your ideal goal visit our website or contact us so one of our Patient Coordinator can help you achieve the best version of yourself.


A virtual consultation is when you send us photos of the places of your body where you’d like to improve. Then our surgeon analyzes it to confirm that you are a candidate for that particular procedure. We later inform you about our doctor’s decision and give you a quote with all the information about your surgery. Please, do be at ease that everything is confidential between yourself, the doctor, and the doctor’s representative.