How to recover and take care after a Body Lift

How to recover after a body lift

Always keep in mind that each doctor has his or her different ways of recovery for their patients, always listen, and trust your surgeon.

#DrSuarez shares some indications to follow after a #BodyLift

  • Do not stand fully upright: You will need to walk around bent down a bit, to not put any tension on the incision.
  • Rest: This is key for a good recovery, for the most part, you should be in bed, you can walk around a little to get your circulation going, but not too much.
  • Recline: You will sleep sitting up, you should be reclined not fully on your back or on your sides.
  • Healthy eating. Eat lots of fruit and veggies, avoid gassy ones such as broccoli or cabbage, keep yourself hydrated, water mainly, avoid caffeine, spicy foods, or lactose.  
  • Take your medications, only the ones prescribed: Do not take medication that was not indicated by Dr. Suarez, by no means auto medicate. Take the medication we gave you at the times indicated.  
  • Wear your compression garments: Only wear the garments given to you by us, don’t by other ones, or listen to the friend of a friend, the wrong compression garment can affect your outcome.
  • Take care of your drains: Make sure to take good care of your drains, keep a log so when you go to your follow up appt the Doctor can see if you are ready to remove them.
  • Do not smoke.
  • No driving: You are not to drive for 2 weeks after surgery.
  • No exercise: You will be able to resume physical activities 6 weeks after the surgery.
  • Relax. Reed a good book, watch a good TV show, some good music and relax.

You may experience these symptoms which are normal and will subside with time:

  • Tightness and stiffness in the areas you had surgery on
  • Bruising, swelling and redness
  • Tingling, or intermittent shooting pain
  • Skin firmness, hypersensitivity, or lack of sensitivity
  • Shiny skin due to swelling
  • Itchy sensation as the skin heals
  • Asymmetry, as both sides of your body, heal differently (especially breasts, sometimes one settles in before the other, and that is normal)

After a few weeks depending on how you recover you will be able to resume some of the stuff you had to stop doing, such as exercise, driving, all in moderation, and of course depending on what the doctor recommends for you. Each body, each person is different don’t compare yourself or your recovery journey to anyone else’s, be patient.

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