How long after Bariatric Surgery can you have a Body Lift?

Body lift patient after surgery in Mexico

After making the decision of having Bariatric Surgery, let it be a Gastric Sleeve, Bypass, or Duodenal Switch, you start to look for the next step which is skin removal through a Body Lift, however, you wonder, when can I start looking into it?

It is recommended to wait a minimum of 6 months after since each body is different and each person’s metabolism and it can take longer for some than others.

The idea is for you to finish losing the weight or that you have reached your goal weight.

If you continue to lose weight after getting a quote, what you were quoted can change, because the skin will continue to loosen.

For example, if initially you were given an estimate for an extended tummy tuck, however, you continue to lose weight it could alter the procedure, meaning you could end up needing a circular tummy tuck, or a belt lipectomy with butterfly lift also known as fleur de lis incision; and if you already had the money contemplated and made plans for only that budget, causing anxiety of not knowing if you’ll be able to come up with the difference, which is why waiting until you reach your goal weight is ideal.

Body lift can change your appearance extraordinarily, and the results are permanent, except for a loss of firmness that comes naturally from age. Also, a way to maintain your results is through exercise and a healthy diet.

Benefits of Body Lift Surgery

  • Lose skin and fatty tissue that drape over your natural curves
  • Bulging skin on the lateral hips or upper thighs
  • Abdominal wall distension
  • Saggy buttocks
  • Excess skin and fatty tissue on pubic area
  • Lose skin on your arms

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